Procedure to become a student at Epitech :

To join Epitech as of the next school year, you must fill in an online application form with your motivations, your interest in the school, and your knowledge in computer science.

A member of the admissions department will analyse your application and will inform you by email (or telephone) if your file is eligible. You will then have to choose a date for the admission tests. 24 to 48 hours later, we will communicate to you the results of your admission tests and the status of your application. Your application will also be made official by post and e-mail.

Why apply online?

To receive information about Epitech’s life in preview. To project yourself in the future and see if the school is really made for you: our goal is your success. By joining Epitech, you will be immersed in an atypical school, network and ecosystem. It is essential that we share the same goal, the same commitment and the same values. Because it gives you the opportunity to join the great Epitech family.