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One of Epitech’s missions is to facilitate the learning of computer science. We are helping secondary school students familiarize themselves with the world of computer programming through fun and rewarding workshops.

The Coding Club

Coding clubs are an Epitech specificity that allows youngsters to discover the world of IT and computer programming. Led by our students, these workshops are an opportunity to come in contact with the main computer programming languages (by coding video games, for example), as well as different other IT disciplines like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, etc.

They take place on Wednesdays, Saturdays or during the school holidays, over a period ranging from half a day to several days, and are free and open to all students starting with the third year of secondary school. Like the Open Days, they are also an opportunity to meet the teaching staff and the admissions department to prepare your enrolment if you wish.

During the main holiday periods, the Coding Club organizes introductory sessions to computer programming, usually lasting more than one day. These workshops are open to all secondary school students who wish to validate their interest in computing.

Les Summer Camps et les Winter Camps du Coding Club

Les Coding Club organisent chaque été et chaque hiver des sessions d’initiation au code sur une durée un peu plus longue. Ces évènements se déroulent exclusivement pendant les vacances scolaires, et les élèves ont à cette occasion quelques jours pour prendre le temps de découvrir les langages informatiques plus en profondeur.

De même que pour les journées classiques du Coding Club, ces « stages » sont gratuits et ouverts à tous les lycéens qui souhaitent valider leur intérêt pour le monde informatique. Ils dépendent indépendamment de chaque campus organisateur, contactez le campus de votre choix pour en savoir plus !

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