I am a high school student: Epitech in 5 years

Presentation of the “historic” Epitech program, the “Grande Ecole” program Epitech’s higher education course takes 5 years to train IT experts. It offers a thorough and varied technical content, including a variety of programming projects, and covering many languages which will allow the student to approach all new technologies with serenity.

Pool sessions, especially in the first year, offer students the minimum methodological and technical groundwork, as well as introducing students to the “Epitech spirit” and the virtues of group work.

In addition, having an open vision to the world is a top priority for Epitech, thanks to the 4th year spent abroad in one of our 90 partner universities, and also through an exceptional focus on innovation.

Understanding the { secret } of the program

The international dimension is essential at Epitech. The 4th year takes place entirely abroad, in one of our 90 partner universities. On the programme: discovering new cultures, observing one’s own country from abroad, learning new teaching methods and expanding one’s network. In a globalized world, a high-level career, especially in computer science, cannot be achieved in the absence of an international dimension. During this period, Epitech students are immersed in the heart of a new working environment and can choose the courses best suited to their career project and their centres of interest. They continue to work as a team on their Epitech Innovative Project, remotely and far from each other, as they would be led to do if they joined an international company.

Pendant cette période, les étudiants d’Epitech sont plongés au cœur d’un nouvel environnement de travail et peuvent choisir les enseignements les plus adaptés à leur projet professionnel et à leurs centres d’intérêt. Ils continuent à travailler en équipe sur leur Epitech Innovative Project, à distance les uns des autres, comme ils seraient amenés à le faire s’ils rejoignaient une entreprise internationale.

Our network of partner universities

The 4th year abroad is a real asset in the education of our students. In order for them to have access to the best of the world of information technology, we have woven a network of 90 partner universities. The variety of these choices allows the student to find the destination that suits him or her best, both culturally and pedagogically.

Our partnership with Erasmus

As a signatory of the Erasmus University Charter, Epitech has established partnership conventions with different European universities to facilitate bilateral exchanges. “This year in Spain was an opportunity to discover another way of learning in a new country and a new culture. I have taken a step back and appreciated everything I’ve learned during the last three years and I have met people from all over the world, in a country where many cultures coexist.” Sabri – Epitech class of 2019 “I chose Thailand, in part because of its location. I visited Mexico just before thanks to my 3rd year internship and wanted to open up to Asia. Thailand is full of magnificent landscapes. Thanks to these two experiences, I now know that I want to travel as part of my job and that computers will allow me to work remotely.” Florian – Epitech class of 2019

Cette année en Espagne a été l’occasion de découvrir une autre façon d’apprendre dans un nouveau pays et une nouvelle culture. J’ai prendre du recul grâce au bilan des trois dernières années et surtout faire de belles rencontres du monde entier, dans un pays où de nombreuses cultures cohabitent.
Sabri – Epitech promo 2019
J’ai choisi la Thaïlande, en partie pour sa localisation. J’ai visité le Mexique juste avant grâce à mon stage de 3ème année et souhaitais m’ouvrir à l’Asie. La Thaïlande regorge de paysages magnifiques. Grâce à ces deux expériences, je sais maintenant que je veux voyager dans le cadre de mon travail et que l’informatique me permettra de travailler à distance.
{ Florian } Epitech promo 2019

During this last year, the students are inspired by more than 50 seminars given by high-level speakers: academics or professionals, French or foreign… They address topics as varied as the analysis of data, quantum computing, innovation management or artificial intelligence… At the same time, students work 3 days a week in a company and do a 6-month internship at the end of the course – two real bridges to the professional world. Those whose EIP project is already completed can also choose to devote this time to starting a business. This 5th year also sees the completion of 3 years of teamwork on the main project of the Epitech curriculum: The Epitech Innovative Project.

Teaching modules in 5th year

Students can choose between some sixty modules focusing on crosscutting themes, the technological field, professional skills and methodology, or technological streams.Here are some examples:

So-called “transversal” skills:
  • Project management
  • Business and strategy
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Personal development
Technological fields :   
  • Mobile app development
  • Web development
  • Development of interactive experiences (video games, multimedia, virtual reality…)
  • IoT (Internet of Things, embedded programming…)
  • Blockchain
Professional and methodological skills :    :
  • Software quality
  • User experience (ergonomics, man/machine interfaces, accessibility, etc.)
  • Agile methods
Artificial Intelligence
  • Technological sectors :
  • Algorithmic
  • Security
  • Cloud
  • Devops
  • Big Data
Epitech expert Diploma in information technology
DIPLOMA RECOGNIZED BY THE FRENCH STATE. Registered RNCP Level 1 (FR) and level 7 (EU).

Employed Epitech experts testimonials


{ Pierre-Marie Laguet }

Co-fondateur et CEO de Blackfoot, Epitech promo 2016

{ Thomas Solignac }

Co-fondateur de Golem.ai, Epitech promo 2015

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