Admission requirements

The main condition to be accepted at Epitech is to really like computers ! Your interest and curiosity are our main criteria for evaluation, much more than grades and diplomas.

IMPORTANT: our campus doesn’t integrate students directly in Brussels. Please visit https://www.epitech.eu/fr/ to apply to another Epitech campus in France

Admission tests to integrate Epitech

The tests follow the same typology, whatever the year of integration and the selected program. 

  • Face-to-face interview (1h)
  • English tests (30 mins)
  • Logic tests (15 mins)

The applications are received from October onwards. They must be completed online on the application portal as early as possible within the year. Each candidate is assessed individually, according to their dossier and their own background. Emphasis is placed on motivation and adaptability to the particular learning methods of the school and to the entrepreneurial spirit. The results of the exams are communicated in the days following the interview by email or by letter : the admitted candidate can, from this moment, pre-register to guarantee their admission. Their certificate of success in the exams necessary for his level of admission (CESS or its European equivalent) will conclusively validate their registration.

Prerequisites and practical information per program

Epitech Grande École Program in 5 years

Admission in first year

Recipients of the CESS or its European equivalent are admitted to the first year, at the start of the September academic year.

Parallel admission

Recipients of an advanced technician’s degree in computing or graduates of the second year in computer science or technology, can be admitted directly to the second year.

Coding Academy

The Coding Academy is open to all, young graduates, job seekers or people in professional reorientation. The only conditions are to have graduated two years of higher education or to have more than five years of professional experience, and to know the basics of computer science. Then only motivation counts, be prepared to put in the hours !

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