The Epitech Success Stories

Our students are our greatest pride. And their journeys are all inspiring examples and goals that everyone can reach. Whatever your ages, profiles or ambitions, we hope you can find yourself in one of these descriptions, and one day, tell your own story of your journey.

Succeeding is not only a question of will, qualities, predispositions. You have to be able to count on yourself and on your own experiences, on your projects, on your discoveries, on what shapes and transforms you. But it must also be based on others, on encounters and figures that mark you, initiatives that open up new horizons for you, companies that teach you the basics and that influence you. Your success is yours. Our mission is to help you reach out to individuals, initiatives and opportunities that will bring you much more than you can imagine.

Guillaume Prévost,
the atypical startupper

The co-founder of the start-up Friend Theory, which supports mutual aid between travelers from 18 to 25 years old, joined Epitech Toulouse in 2009. He chose Australia as the host country for his year at the foreigner Epitech and returns to France with desires from elsewhere, and projects full head! He returned to Australia at the end of his studies at Epitech, hired by the university which had welcomed him during his exchange year. With almost two years of professional experience, he then decides to live his dream and go on a world tour. He who thought to fly for 6 months will finally come back two years later … On his return, he finds a position with more responsibilities within the same Australian university, but finally decides to embark, in the summer of 2018, in his own entrepreneurial adventure.
How much has been accomplished at just 31 years old…


The collaboration of two successful Epitech Strasbourg Alumni

Epitech is a thorough and ambitious tutelage, but it is also an opportunity to meet people. Romain Vermot and Benjamin Chatelain met at Epitech Strasbourg and it was then that they decided to disrupt the banking world. Shortly after its creation, their neobank Moneway, very quickly obtained a major first capital investment of € 1,137,000 and for them, Epitech was no stranger to this successful launch :

The school has trained us very well, and we are grateful for this. We are often told that we are taught to learn, and that is entirely true. We knew very little about the banking world, but the training acquired at Epitech allowed us to quickly achieve the tools that were required

{Romain Vermot}

A brilliant all-rounder turned CTO of a start-up at only 22 years old

Grégoire Ballot is an insatiable curious. When he was already at Epitech, he “liked to do lots of things at the same time”. In turn intern in start-ups, then co-founder of a personal development application in the professional environment, or intern in the intelligence service of the Ministry of Defense… as far as Grégoire is concerned, talent is waiting not the number of years!
He begins to work on what will later become Bluecoders while on exchange in California during his fourth year at Epitech. Today he is the CTO of Bluecoders, and the start-up now has more than 45 employees.


How do you raise $ 10.6 million just four years after leaving Epitech ?

As is often the case, it is during a year abroad that the story begins… Arnaud Camus meets his associates during his fourth year in Sweden. It was a year later, after their return, that they started working on Impraise. They join the well-known incubator and accelerator of startups in California, Y Combinator, during the period planned for the end of study internship, which allows them to immediately raise 1.5 million euros. Today, based in New York and Amsterdam, Impraise has 60 employees, and has raised a second investment of $10.6 million. Based on what Arnaud explains, Epitech prepared him very well for this adventure :

Epitech taught me how to learn and I think that’s the strength of this school. We learn technologies that are not necessarily the ones we are going to work with, we learn to fend for ourselves to achieve a result, and I think that as an entrepreneur it is really something important

{Arnaud Camus}


The journey of a software engineer in a large Silicon Valley company

Nicolas Vincent is part of the 2011 Epitech class, and he is now based in San Francisco, where he works for the start-up Nextdoor as a software engineer. After spending his fourth year of Epitech in Long Beach, he wanted to try his luck to carry out the American dream. He has no trouble getting a job there, and starts off with couchsurfing and then with the well-known TechCrunch, a site specializing in technological news that needs no introduction.
But it is today at Nextdoor that Nicolas, who really wanted to work on the redesign of a site, found what he was looking for. Nextdoor’s success is growing, and already has tens of millions of users, in more than 185,000 neighborhoods worldwide. Nicolas is proud to be able to help them, every day, to be able to connect people in the same district.


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