Voluntary activities

The voluntary activities of Epitech constitutes one of the essential parameters of a fulfilling student life and at the same time a possible smooth transition to professional life. This is why our students have managed to build a dense and varied network of community-based associations, allowing everyone to discover, develop or even share a passion.

A variety of student associations reflecting the diversity of profiles that make up Epitech

A school is its own entity. A place where you acquire technical skills, a place where you learn to live and work hand in hand, a place where you discover yourself and where you flourish. This is how associative life comes naturally to complement educational curricula, and allow students to develop new experiences, at their own pace. Whether you want to work for digital diversity, fight exclusion, promote innovation respectful of humanity, fight global warming, promote code with a large part of the population… everyone will find the association which best suits their own convictions and the project which is close to their heart. It is therefore not surprising to see our students evolve into the highest public or institutional spheres such as the UN or MIT. Only one limit… your ambition!

Some of our associations

Our associations touch on everything! Art and culture, entertainment, society, sport, working life … Come and learn more about some of them.

Artistic associations


Ephemere is a photography club on the Paris campus. It supports students in the development of their passion for photography. This involves sharing knowledge, covering events and functions, as well as studio shoots.


Unison promotes electronic music and organizes student nights throughout the year. MAO (computer aided music), MIX/Live, Scratch, the association shares its tastes with all music lovers as well as students’ eager to learn it.


Epitanime promotes Japanese culture to students through activities such as karaoke, projections, drawing, musical video games, retrogaming, VSG Pokémon, TCG cards, Go game.

Entertainment associations


Antre organizes role-playing events several times a month. It promotes this passion on campus but also in the Ile-de-France region. It will take you to imaginary and varied lands to experience great adventures.


The AISM promotes motor sports to students.


Lora is an association which promotes public speaking in all its forms inside and outside the campus (slam, debate, speech, theater, etc.).

BDE (Genesis)

The Student Office organizes various activities for all students such as integration weekends, themed evenings, or trips. It also supports other school associations during their events.


Carré d ‘As introduces students to Texas Hold’em Poker by allowing them to discover this game through a weekly meetup in the evenings and participating in tournaments.


The Cycom association promotes network games and electronic sport (e-Sport) through offline events. It also organizes competitions on the various flagship electronic sport games.


Evolutek is a robotics association whose main goal is to participate in the French Robotics Cup organized by Planète Sciences. Divided into 3 hubs, electronics, mechanics and IT, the association also takes part in the Belgian Cup and the Robocon.


The EpiMac association promotes Apple technologies by providing students from IONIS Group schools with the Apple on Campus offer and by offering training in Objective-C and Mac OS X.


Heritage is the home of all the students of the IONIS Group on the Kremlin-Bicêtre campus. Heritage is a living space, a place to relax, listen to music, share your favorite series … The association participates in every event on campus.


La Paillote is the association of bartenders from the IONIS Group. Lovers of subtle blends and flavors, experts in the art of tickling your taste buds, its members offer a wide range of cocktails, from the most classic to the unique, specially concocted for you.


Soul of Sound is a musical association which notably provides a rehearsal room at the disposal of student music groups.


Strataegyc supports strategic thinking by organizing strategy card game evenings and tournaments: Magic the Gathering and YuGiOh TCG.

Societal associations

E-MMA by Epitech

The E-mma association works in favor of diversity within the tech and digital professions through various awareness-raising actions on equity and equality issues. Find our focus on E-mma.


Epiqueer educates students about LGBT themes and actively supports those concerned.


The EpiSolidaire association organizes and coordinates solidarity and humanitarian actions within the Epitech campus of the Kremlin Bicêtre.

Professional associations


Taker is the junior company at Epitech. It supports students in consultancy assignments on IT subjects for start-ups and major accounts. Looking to the future, it allows students to acquire new skills by offering their services within a company environment.

Sports associations


Episport is the campus sports association. It offers many activities, individually and in a group setting, and students receive an official license from the French Federation of University Sport (FFSU). On-campus or outdoor sessions are organized.


This association brings together and introduces students to the same passion : paintball.


Stack facilitates Airsoft’s safe discovery and practice for IONIS Group students. This entertaining activity involves qualities that are both sporting and strategic promoting team spirit.

Focus on the E-mma association by Epitech 

Created in 2013 by Christelle Plissonneau and Clémence Barthoux, both then students of the school, the association has no less than 500 members in 13 Epitech campuses, both women and men, so that the fight for equality is a fight shared by all. Code workshops, organization of “He for She” days, hackathons in partnership with large companies, interventions at major national conferences (such as the “Thinking about the world in the 21st century” event in the newspaper Le Monde or the Women Code Festival in Brussels), E-mma by Epitech actions are numerous. Currently chaired by Dipty Chander, E-mma organizes code workshops, “He for She” days, hackathons in partnership with large companies, or even interventions during national conferences, such as the event “ Thinking about the world in the 21st century ”from the newspaper Le Monde. The aim of the association is to promote diversity within digital professions. By talking to the general public and democratizing its actions, E-mma by Epitech hopes to break down the barriers that currently exist in the tech field and promotes systemic change within the IT industry.