The leading school for IT expertise has been training for 20 years experts who will shape the world of tomorrow.

  • A school accessible to everyone over 18
  • A unique and active pedagogy that forges personalities
  • An international ecosystem
  • High impact careers

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Epitech is :

  • 6
    international campuses
  • more than0
    partner companies
  • 6000
    students in the entire world
  • 98%
    employability rate after graduation
  • 15
    campuses in France

Learn differently

At Epitech, you learn as you innovate : by testing, by doing, by moving forward, by making mistakes, and by starting again

One method : self-sufficiency
One condition : motivation
One result : a high potential career

How do we achieve this ? A huge network, projects by the hundreds, experience abroad, recognized and sought-after expertise in business, a dynamic student life, participation in the biggest international “tech” fairs, innovation hubs …

This method has proven itself for 20 years: welcome to a world where you learn differently!

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After Epitech : Your future career

IT architect

He/She designs and develops information systems, hardware, software or networks.


He/She is responsible for programming using computer languages, such as C ++ or Java.


He/She is in charge of the technological innovation of the company.


Discover our Alumni’s careers :

{ Pierre-Marie Laguet }

Blackfoot Co-founder and CEO - Epitech Alumni 2016

{ Thomas Solignac }

Co-founder and CEO of Golem.ai - Epitech Alumni 2015

Pierre-Marie Laguet - Blackfoot Co-Founder and CEO

{ Pierre-Marie Laguet }

Blackfoot Co-founder and CEO - Epitech Alumni 2016

Thomas Solignac - Cofondateur de Golem.ai

{ Thomas Solignac }

Co-founder and CEO of Golem.ai - Epitech Alumni 2015

Enter an ecosystem open to others and the world

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New York
Epitech Programm tought by Technology and Media School, a IONIS Education Group School
adresse code postal Casablanca (+xx) xxxxxx xxx
C/ Joan Miró, 21 Barcelona (08005) 08005 Barcelona (+34) 937 97 88 14
Rue Royale 196 1000 Brussels Belgium (+32) 2 523 52 57
Fasanenstraße 86 10623 Berlin (+49) 30 98289240
Building 07, Tirana Business Park – Rinas Road-Tiranë, Albania (+355) 4 220 4104
SèmèCity, Cotonou, Benin (+229) 69 07 89 02
Réunion Saint-André
+262 262 29 08 57

Our news and events

Antoine van Gorp, head of the Epitech Brussels Innovation Hub

The Epitech Brussels Innovation Hub

During their studies, Epitech Technology students become IT experts. The project-based pedagogy implemented within the school transforms the students into actors of their own education and teaches them all the tricks of the trade in the IT industry. In addition to the projects they must complete as part of the curriculum, students have the opportunity to freely explore and experiment with technologies that interest them. How do they do

Jules Bertrand, Epitech Technology student

Epitech Technology’s International Student Mobility – Interview with Jules Bertrand

Epitech Technology – The school of IT expertise – is a tightly knit network of 15 campuses in France and 6 abroad. It allows easy student mobility from one campus to another, while also changing countries and having an intercultural experience. As part of The International Track, Epitech Technology students from elsewhere are welcome on the Brussels campus to live their schooling differently and discover the Belgian way of

Epitech Brussels Specializes in Cybersecurity

IT is a field that is constantly evolving and in tune with the times. In recent years, many new professions have emerged to meet the challenges that the IT field brings. Today, companies are looking for data scientists, DevOps engineers, IT architects and also cybersecurity specialists. The latter play a particularly important role in ensuring the security of companies’ systems. Epitech Technology has understood this challenge and offers its

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