Founded in 1999, Epitech opened its first campus in Paris, growing constantly ever since to reach international proportions and an outstanding reputation amongst recruiters.

Neither a technical institution nor an engineering school, Epitech offers an alternative and innovative educational model, in line with the burgeoning world of technology and constant evolution. When admitted to Epitech, students start a five-year high-level training which will forge them into IT and New Technologies experts.

In addition to technical know-how, tech companies require nowadays good overall knowledge, openness to other cultures and a broad understanding of contemporary issues. Therefore, our goal is also to teach our students to display leadership, adapt and bring about change for the better.

Epitech Bruxelles

Since 2018, Epitech Brussels welcomes Belgian students as well as students from all-over Europe who wish to develop strong programming skills and build a successful career in IT.

The opening of an Epitech campus in Brussels comes as a response to Belgian authorities’ strong ambition to lead the digital transformation.

In order to achieve it, the lack of hard skills in the talent pool needed to be addressed.

Epitech’s philosophy is based on the idea that the technology sector needs experts who have strong scientific and technical skills as well as the ability to constantly learn about new technologies and concepts, rather than professionals trained to use a specific technology or operating only in restrictive fields.

Situated in the heart of Brussels, the well-equipped campus covers an area of 1200m², enough space to host hackathons, conferences, coding workshops for the young general public, and numerous other student events.

We welcome and encourage our students’ initiatives and consider them an important part of their education at Epitech.