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Antoine van Gorp, head of the Epitech Brussels Innovation Hub
- 12.05.22

The Epitech Brussels Innovation Hub

During their studies, Epitech Technology students become IT experts. The project-based pedagogy implemented within the school transforms the students into actors of their own education and teaches them all the tricks of the trade in the IT industry. In addition to the projects they must complete as part of the curriculum, students have the opportunity…

Jules Bertrand, Epitech Technology student
- 28.04.22

Epitech Technology’s International Student Mobility – Interview with Jules Bertrand

Epitech Technology – The school of IT expertise – is a tightly knit network of 15 campuses in France and 6 abroad. It allows easy student mobility from one campus to another, while also changing countries and having an intercultural experience. As part of The International Track, Epitech Technology students from elsewhere are welcome on…

- 19.04.22

Epitech Brussels Specializes in Cybersecurity

IT is a field that is constantly evolving and in tune with the times. In recent years, many new professions have emerged to meet the challenges that the IT field brings. Today, companies are looking for data scientists, DevOps engineers, IT architects and also cybersecurity specialists. The latter play a particularly important role in ensuring…

étudiants d'Epitech Bruxelles
- 07.04.22

The Future of Sales Hackathon

After a successful first edition, Vibe Group mobilized its partners again and invited hackathon fanatics to imagine modern selling in a post-Covid world. The second edition of The Future of Sales Hackathon took place between March 18 and 20. Epitech Brussels gladly joined the team as a co-organizer and host. Meet the organizers of The…

Epitech student with Seoul tower
- 08.03.22

Studying Abroad – The Experience of Epitech Brussels’ students in Seoul

At Epitech Technology, during their fourth year, all the students get to experience studying abroad in one of our 100 partner universities located around the world. The first students of Epitech Brussels are currently spending their international year in Seoul, at one of the most renowned universities in South Korea and in the world –…

Weaccess - application mobile pour les personnes à mobilité réduite
- 22.02.22

Weaccess – A Brussels Tech Project to Represent the European Epitech Campuses

Brussels represented Epitech’s European campuses at the third-year students’ Epitech Innovative Projects pitch contest on February 16. The Brussels tech project highlighted? Weaccess – the mobile navigation application adapted to people with reduced mobility. What is the Epitech Innovative Project? This is the final project of Epitech students, an innovative idea to develop from their…

- 24.01.22

Together For Digital Inclusion: Hack Your Future Belgium and Epitech Brussels

Since November 2021, Epitech Technology shares its campus in Brussels with Hack Your Future Belgium, the programming school for refugees that fight for digital inclusion. Active in Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp) since 2018, Hack Your Future was created in 2015, in Amsterdam. Its objective is to help refugees, newcomers and disadvantaged people acquire the digital…

- 30.06.21

R-PUR – The French Anti-pollution Mask Manufacturer

We met with Flavien, Epitech alumnus and co-founder of the start-up R-PUR, to discuss the evolution of the relationship with wearing a mask and the challenges of tomorrow. An office in Asia, fundraising in progress, new products in development: nothing stops R-PUR, the French anti-pollution mask manufacturer. The genesis of R-PUR “The Parisian disease »…

- 25.03.21

When Epitech and Business Management Students Join Forces

On March 19th and 20th, the 5th edition of the Brussels Management Challenge took place online, and three Epitech students from Brussels and Nice were among the 235 participants. As part of an international and interdisciplinary team, they set off to do their best and ended up winning the overall prize. Business management is one…

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