Epitech Technology’s International Student Mobility – Interview with Jules Bertrand

Epitech Technology’s International Student Mobility – Interview with Jules Bertrand

Epitech Technology – The school of IT expertise – is a tightly knit network of 15 campuses in France and 6 abroad. It allows easy student mobility from one campus to another, while also changing countries and having an intercultural experience. As part of The International Track, Epitech Technology students from elsewhere are welcome on the Brussels campus to live their schooling differently and discover the Belgian way of life. During the second semester of the 2021-2022 school year, we welcomed Jules Bertrand, a second-year student at Epitech Technology from Lyon. We were curious to know how his stay at Epitech Brussels is going and what pushed him to change campus, so we asked him a few questions.

Jules Bertrand, Epitech Technology student doing the International Track

Why did you choose to study at Epitech Technology?

For a long time, I hesitated between computer science and medicine. I first tried medicine, but then I turned to computer science. I chose Epitech Technology because I have friends, students at the same school, who told me all about I immediately liked the school’s pedagogy, as well as the autonomy it gives to us.

What made you decide to leave France and take advantage of Epitech’s student mobility?

I wanted to “leave” France to travel a bit after these years of pandemic. I didn’t know my class extremely well in Lyon and I didn’t really have a workgroup. So there was nothing really “holding me back” in Lyon on an academic level. So I felt free to explore another campus. I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to discover different countries as part of Epitech Technology’s student mobility program.

Why did you choose the Epitech campus in Brussels as part of your International Track?

I chose Brussels because it is a city I enjoyed as a tourist. I had come in 2017 with my parents to see family in Belgium and thought that living there for a while might be nice. When I decided to take the plunge and start the process, my few exchanges with François, the director of the Epitech Technology campus in Brussels, led me to believe (rightly so) that I would be well received! Moreover, it was easy from an administrative point of view to change campus and even the country. I hardly had to do anything, to my great surprise!

What are the most pronounced differences if you compare Epitech Brussels with your experience on the Lyon campus?

I think that the big difference between Epitech Lyon and Brussels is the size of the class (about a hundred in Lyon, about ten in Brussels), which allows a better pedagogical follow-up and a good understanding between all students. Moreover, the limitations due to the COVID in Lyon made the year complicated.

What is it like to be a student in Belgium?

Everything is going well and the weather is not that bad. I get along well with the whole teaching staff and with my classmates. Brussels is a dynamic and lively city for young people, so it’s great fun. There is always something to do. I’m pretty proud of the fact that I fit in well wherever I travel. I love meeting new people (the success of any trip depends on it) and making the best out of every experience.

You’ve expressed your desire to stay at Epitech Brussels next year. What made you decide to extend your stay beyond your second year of study?

I want to stay next year because I really like the fact that we are a small class. I have a good group to work with and my whole student life is going great. I also really like the city, and the 4 months have already gone by really fast. So I might as well stay for one more semester!