Our unique pedagogy

Epitech’s pedagogy encourages students to learn by doing, by testing, by making mistakes, by participating in short or long-term projects, alone or in teams. With a program of 200 possible projects, this practical method allows them to acquire all the technical, human and social skills needed to become indispensable experts in any company.

An active and inductive pedagogy

Epitech students are actors of their own education. They are active, initiators, in motion.
They propose, impose, advance, build… Taking initiatives is the personal but also the collective engine of our students.

Epitech école informatique Bruxelles experts ingénierie logicielle

Focus on The Pool

Invented by Epitech 20 years ago, the Pools are intense periods of several weeks at the very beginning of the curriculum during which students’ motivation, stamina and taste for IT and logic are tested. It is a unique collective experience during which solidarity is created.

The digital world is constantly evolving and innovation and problem solving don’t follow a set recipe. The idea of the Pool is to learn to find the answers by oneself, to be autonomous. Students are helped, guided and supported by their fellow graduate students who are specially trained to mentor them, but also by their peers who are swimming in the same pool.

During each pool, students learn the right reflexes, the right rhythm, the tenacity, the right movements… to help them swim in the big tech pool!

Learning by doing : project-based learning 

The innovation cycle

Innovation is at the heart of the Epitech curriculum. A complete cycle is dedicated to it, lasting from the 3rd to the 5th year.

Students prototype, test and “industrialize” a project, their Epitech Innovation Project (EIP), which is often a technological innovation whose goal is to improve some aspect of society.

This cycle culminates with Epitech Experience, the flagship event for all Epitech students during the 5th year.

The students present their finalized graduation project in front of a crowd of companies that have come specially to discover the innovations of tomorrow… and try to recruit our young graduates.