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Whether for an internship, a job offer, or a professionalization contract, Epitech trains students with varied and complementary profiles.

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The “Grande École” Program prepares the IT experts of tomorrow. Students benefit from extensive training in computer programming, innovation, project management, etc. They are future professionals with a broad background in all aspects of the IT industry and strong technical capacities.

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Epitech students are open to collaborating with a wide range of companies and are resolutely oriented towards the professional world since the beginning of their studies. Are you looking for a specific profile or do you want to work with our students on innovative projects? Do not hesitate to contact us at francois.blondeau(at) or at +32 2 315 22 80.

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The Epitech internship periods

Full-time internships

Start of the 2nd year:
From 1 July for a period of 4 to 6 months (internship agreement / temporary contract)

End of the 3rd year:
From 1 April for a period of 4 to 5 months (internship agreement / temporary contract)

End of the 5th year:
From 1 March for a period of 6 months (internship agreement / temporary contract / permanent contract)

Internships/part-time jobs

First semester of the 3rd year:
From 15 September to 31 March – Thursdays and Fridays (internship agreement / temporary contract)

4th year:
Mid-September to end of June – Thursdays and Fridays (temporary contract)

First semester of the 5th year
1 September to 28 February – Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (internship agreement / temporary contract / permanent contract)