Tuition fees

The tuition fees presented here correspond to the rates for the beginning of the school year in September 2024. They are subject to change each year according to the INSEE consumer price index.

Grande Ecole Program

1st payment on registration and each re-enrolment: 990€.  

Tuition fees

1st Year  

2nd Year 

3rd Year 

4th Year

5th Year

7 910 €

7 910 €

10150 €

10150 €

10150 €

Additional costs

Annual additional costs: 140 €.
On the Paris campus, a gym membership is added: 95€.

Payment methods 

Payments are made by bank transfer.

Tuition fees can be paid in:

-1 installment in September
-4 installments (in September, December, February and April)
-10 installments (from August to May)

Technical specifications for your PC

Minimal features

Linux compatible video card
5GHz WiFi compatible chipset
Latest processor (minimum Intel Core i5)

Recommended features

FullHD display
Minimum 3 years warranty for your PC